Index of Policies

Shepton Mallet Neighbourhood Plan has five policy areas with eighteen policies in total.  You can select each policy area, or go directly to the policies and / or their reasoned justification by clicking the links below.

Housing Policies    
Housing and Built Environment Introduction  
Housing Allocations Introduction  
Policy One Housing Requirement  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Two Site Allocation  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Three Historic Environment / Layout and Design  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Four Density and Mix  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Five Built up Area Boundary  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Six Development in the Conservation Area  Policy Reasoned Justification
Policy Seven Parking in Residential Development  Policy Reasoned Justification
Transport Policies    
Transport in Shepton Mallet Introduction  
 Policy Eight Ingress and Egress from New Development Policy   Reasoned Justification
 Policy Nine Local Movement RoutesCommunity Aspiration: Policy  Reasoned Justification
 Community Aspiration One: Better Traffic Management Policy  Reasoned Justification
 Policy Ten Public Transport Policy          Reasoned Justification
Town Centre and Economy Policies    
Town Centre and Economy Introduction  
Policy Eleven Improvements to Town Centre Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Twelve Local Employment Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Thirteen Change of Use Policy  Reasoned Justification
Environment and Heritage Policies    
The Environment Introduction  
Policy Fourteen Local Green Spaces Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Fifteen Important Views Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Sixteen Green Infrastructure Policy  Reasoned Justification
Health and Community Policies    
Health and Community Policies Introduction  
Policy Seventeen Health Campus Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Eighteen The Lido Policy  Reasoned Justification
Policy Nineteen Community Facilities Policy  Reasoned Justification