Reasoned Justification for Policy Seven

90 It is a major concern of the community that all new dwellings should have sufficient off-road parking spaces to cater for the residents of those dwellings. This is based on experience of recent developments in Shepton Mallet where insufficient parking has resulted in many residents parking on the streets which hinders pedestrian access as well as access for emergency vehicles 

91 Somerset County Council has produced Parking Standards which require applicants to use a matrix to calculate the required number of parking spaces for each residential development 

92 The Neighbourhood Plan builds on this matrix by making it clear in Policy Seven what is required within each new development 

93 Policy Seven requires a high proportion of new houses to be 2 / 3 bedroomed which statistically means a car ownership of 2 cars plus visitor parking. 

94 This density of dwelling numbers on the allocated sites as well as any future development is such that this is considered to be reasonable with well-designed proposals. 

95 At present, there is parking on blind corners, between parking bollards and haphazardly blocking vehicles. Evidenced by the photographs below. 

96 This problem extends to all housing estates in Shepton Mallet and Tadley Acres Residents Association are so concerned at the problems caused by the lack of residential parking that it has prioritised this as a major area of concern and have embarked on a community consultation to seek solutions. 

97 A recent fire behind Thorne Lane on the Tadley Acres Estate was inaccessible to the fire service because of parking congestion 

98 It is therefore considered vital that adequate parking is provided on all new developments which reduces the need for on road parking except in exceptional circumstances.