The Plan Outline


np areaThe Neighbourhood Plan AreaThis document represents the Neighbourhood Plan for Shepton Mallet neighbourhood area for the period 2014 to 2036. The plan contains a vision for the future of Shepton Mallet and sets out clear planning policies to realise this vision

The principal purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to guide development within the neighbourhood area. It also provides guidance to anyone wishing to submit a planning application for development within the neighbourhood area. The process of producing a plan has sought to involve the community as widely as possible. The different topic areas are reflective of matters that are of considerable importance to Shepton Mallet, its residents, businesses, and community groups.

Some of the Neighbourhood Plan policies are general and apply throughout the plan area, whilst others are site or area-specific and apply only to the appropriate areas illustrated on the relevant map. Once made, the policies of the plan form part of the development plan. Development should be carried out in accordance with the development plan, the policies of which should be taken as a whole.

The process of producing the Neighbourhood Plan has identified a number of actions which have not been included in the policies’ sections. This is because these are not specifically related to land use matters and therefore sit outside the jurisdiction of a neighbourhood plan. These actions will be addressed by the Town Council outside of the neighbourhood plan process.