Reasoned Justification for Policy Six

 87 Shepton Mallet’s rich history is set out on page of this Neighbourhood Plan. The quality of its heritage assets are recognised through important designations, with a considerable number of Listed Buildings scattered around the neighbourhood area. These are concentrated in particular around the historic town centre. This area is also designated a Conservation Area owing to the dominance of heritage assets in the area. The most prominent heritage assets in the historic centre are The Market Cross, HM Prison and the former Anglo Bavarian Brewery. 

88 Elsewhere in the neighbourhood area, there are sporadic properties and developments, a high proportion of which are designated heritage assets. Many of these properties are historic farmhouses and associated agricultural buildings dating to Shepton Mallet’s agricultural heritage. 

89 This Policy seeks to ensure that new development in the neighbourhood area conserves its heritage and character, through making a positive contribution to the rural and built character of Shepton Mallet. This policy is supported with detailed guidance contained within the Shepton Mallet Neighbourhood Plan Design Guide.