To allocate a site for future development in Shepton Mallet to meet the identified needs of the community, including the provision of affordable homes

To ensure new houses are of high quality design, in keeping with the established character of the area, and built to BREAM standards

  1. This portion of the site, SHEP092, (19.4 ha) within the Plan area, as indicated on Proposals Map is allocated for residential development. Proposals will be supported subject to the following criteria:
    1. It provides between 140 and 150 dwellings
    2. It provides a mix of dwellings in accordance with Policy Four of this Plan
    3. It delivers the full quota of 30% affordable housing on site, unless there is compelling and credible evidence to demonstrate why this would not be viable
    4. Green open space is provided to serve the new dwellings
    5. Vehicular access is provided from the northeast corner as marked on the Proposals Map (subject to discussions with highways authority)
    6. Pedestrian and cycle access is provided to key facilities
    7. Appropriate drainage solutions and management strategies are provided to serve the needs of the development
    8. In order to protect the amenity of neighbouring properties, landscape buffers are provided on the north and east boundaries of the site
  2. Any development must ensure appropriate landscaping is provided to minimise the landscape and visual effects of development and should be included in design proposals
  3. Design of this development should use the Design Codes Appendix of this Plan, to guide proposals
  4. To spread the provision of new dwellings over the plan period, this site should not come forward before all the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support it
  5. Given the sensitivity of the Somerset Levels and Moors Ramsar, to elevated phosphorus loading and resulting eutrophication, the masterplan for development on this site is required to demonstrate phosphorus neutrality in accordance with Policy One of this Plan.
  6. Should this developments demonstrate an identified phosphorus surplus, it will be required to provide appropriate mitigation measures (e.g., wetlands, reedbeds) in agreement with the Local Planning Authority and Natural England and in accordance with Policy One of this Plan.