List of Appendices

Note:  Some appendices are awating completion before submission.

Regulation 14 Plan:  Shepton Mallet Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Draft

Executive Summary: The Executive Summary sent to all households and businesses in area

Appendix 1:  Local Green Spaces 

Appendix 1(a):  Revised Proposed Local Green Spaces (19th February 2024)

Appendix 2:  Community Aspirations 

Appendix 3:  Demographic Data (Now included in the main report)

Appendix 4: Shepton Mallet Design Guide

Appendix 5: Strategic Environmental Assessment 

Appendix 6: Habitats Regulation Assessment 

Appendix 7: Transport Report by HTP Consulting 

Appendix 8: An Archaeological Assessment of Shepton Mallet 

Appendix 9: Strategic Housing Market Assessment Oct 2016