To concentrate development within, or immediately adjacent to, existing settlement boundaries

i. The fundamental principle is that the Neighbourhood Plan allocates sufficient land to deliver at least the minimum housing requirement in the Mendip Local Plan and that without a built-up area boundary, significant further development would encroach into the open countryside. The Built-up area boundary is shown in fig below.

ii. Development of Shepton Mallet Parish shall be focused within the Built-up Area Boundary and will generally be permitted subject to meeting other policies in the Plan

iii. Mendip Brownfield register [1] currently identifies 3 brownfield sites within the Built-up Area Boundary:

  1. SHEP103 Shepton Mallet Prison (has full planning permission) 
  2. SHEP114 Service yard off Church Lane and Peter Street (has full planning permission) 
  3. SHEP115 14/16 Commercial Road, Shepton Mallet (no permission at present)

iv. Development on these sites, and any other brownfield site will be supported subject to meeting other Policies in this plan. 

v. This policy proposes that a change is made to the built-up area boundary to enclose the area of land shown on the proposals map below and allocated for housing under Policy 2 of the plan