Download the Criteria for Local Green Space Designation

To allocate areas which are of importance to the community as Local Green Space

Existing parks, play areas, playing fields and open spaces should be retained and additional open space areas provided

i. In recognition of their importance to the local community as green spaces of value, the following areas defined in fig are designated as Local Green Spaces and will be strongly protected from development:

  • Land surrounding River Sheppey Weir
  • Land to the east of Coombe Lane • Shepton Mallet Cemetery
  • Land adjacent to Whitstone School
  • Collett Park
  • Kilver Court Gardens
  • Land to the east of Charlton Viaduct
  • Land around the Old Brewery
  • Play area, off Queen’s Road
  • Play Area Jubilee field
  • Grounds of Care Home, Cannards Grave Rd
  • Amenity Spaces in Ridgeway Estate / Mason Way / Springfield Court Sports field / Play Area
  • Clover Ground, Tadley Acres Estate
  • Coopers Mead, Tadley Acres
  • Little Brooks Green, Tadley Acres
  • Poppy Path, Tadley Acres
  • Tadley Place, Tadley Acres
  • West Shepton Playing Fields and Skate Park
  • Manship Green, north and south
  • ii. Any development in these areas will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances where it is required to protect and enhance their role and function as Local Green Spaces of value to the community.

iii. The only exception shall be development for essential utilities infrastructure which, should the need arise, will be supported in special circumstances where the benefit outweighs any harm, and it can be demonstrated there are no reasonable alternative sites available.