Reasoned Justification for Policy Fifteen 

144 Set in the rolling Somerset Hills, Shepton Mallet enjoys numerous exceptional views of the surrounding countryside. This is one of the main reasons for the thriving tourist industry which has grown up in and around the town.

145 Despite this, there are no specific views protected under the Mendip Core Strategy

146 There are, however three views in particular that are iconic and are of great significance to Shepton Mallet’s character and are identified within Policy sixteen 

147 The view from the four entry points into Shepton Mallet (identified on proposals map xxx)

• Whitstone Road

• Compton Road

• the B3136 and

• Runaway Hill

148 These gateway views are the first impression tourists and visitors have of Shepton Mallet when arriving from south to north, and set the tone for the town which is nestled in the Sheppey Valley, overlooked by Gold Hill to the North.

149 Gold Hill is an historic farming area which helps to provide the setting which is so treasured by the local community.

150 The two iconic views of the Meadows from two access points along Pike Hill facing both north and east overlook green fields.

 Screenshot 2023 01 15 at 11.57.59 Screenshot 2023 01 15 at 11.58.13 
Figs: Gateway Views over Gold Hill
 Screenshot 2023 01 15 at 12.01.27Fig: iconic view over Meadow Fields Screenshot 2023 01 15 at 12.01.36Fig: Topographical map of Shepton Mallet