Reasoned justification for Policy Seventeen 

157 In order to support and sustain a growing community, it is important that Shepton Mallet provides an appropriate level of care infrastructure to meet the needs of all sections of the community.

158 The Shepton Mallet Health Campus (Practice Plus Group Hospital) is a facility in Shepton Mallet which currently combines the provision of excellent healthcare to both private and NHS patients. The Campus combines health care and business use on one site. 

159 Ensuring adequate provision and quality of health services is undertaken by NHS Somerset Integrated Care Board. 

160 This partnership between the private sector and the NHS has been responsible for delivering high quality healthcare services together with reduced waiting times.

161 The provision includes a cottage hospital, a minor injuries unit and an X-Ray department in one building and a Treatment Centre in another. 

162 This allows urgent care to be available to patients close to where they live, keeping emergency departments free to manage critically I’ll patients and those with life threatening injuries. 

163 With the NHS under increasing pressure, it is vital that where local services are provided, they continue to be maintained in order to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population, and that there is sufficient room to expand services where required. 

164 Since its inception in 2012 significant investment has been made into up-to-date equipment which has helped to ensure top quality services continue to be provided. Continued investment in equipment is essential in order to maintain and ensure top quality services continue to be provided. 

165 Access to services within the campus is by GP referral and eligible patients from the Parish of Shepton Mallet are able to choose this facility for their treatment. 

166 With the proposed increase to the population of Shepton Mallet through the allocation of new housing, the need for the health provision offered through this resource will increase with the likely need for additional facilities and space on site.