Reasoned Justification for Policy Eighteen 

167 The Lido is an historic icon in Shepton Mallet, having begun its life as a cooling pond for the brewery next door. 

168 When youngsters from the town continued to use its warm water for swimming, it was turned into the Lido and became an open-air swimming facility for the community and remains so today. 

169 The Lido made use of a heat exchanger that used the excess heat from the brewery to pre-heat the pool ensuring the boiler has less work to do. This extremely effective system of green energy led to the Lido winning an award as the “greenest pool in the country”. 

170 The Lido is still used and is popular for both local residents and visitors offering special events such as midnight swims and dog swims at the end of the pool opening season.

171 It is therefore considered essential to preserve this historic institution and protect it from unwarranted development.

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The Lido, Shepton Mallet