Infrastructure Developments

In reflection of the strategic development allocated in Shepton Mallet, Mendip DC have identified a list of infrastructure developments needed to support their aims and the local plan identifies that, “there is potential for Neighbourhood Plans to play a greater role in specifying local infrastructure requirements”.

Therefore, this Neighbourhood Plan will identify infrastructure projects which are deemed to be of importance to the community in Shepton Mallet, including Traffic and Transport Infrastructure. The Mendip Infrastructure and Development Plan does not identify any transport issues specifically relating to Shepton Mallet; however, Shepton Mallet has undertaken its own Traffic and Transport report attached as an Appendix The Mendip Infrastructure Plan does identify that mitigation measures to overcome surface water flows may need to be undertaken by developers to overcome flooding issues.

In addition, The Environment Agency (EA) has indicated there may be a need for additional investigation to assess sewage outflows resulting from the strategic housing allocation in Shepton Mallet and commercial premises. The Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with national policy expressed through the (NPPF) as well as the strategic policies of the local plan. Through the Shepton Mallet Design Guide, It will also present levels of detail that should inform the design of development in Shepton Mallet.

The steering group will assess the impact of various other policy proposals and alternative options on the environment through the sustainability appraisal, the Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) and locational investigations